11 October 2008

10 on 10 on 10

i finally remembered to tote my camera with me to work this month so here are some glimpses into my day...

a king protea sitting on my dining room table with the morning light in the background making my windows wet with condensation. i bought the proteas a few days ago because they reminded me of south africa...

casual friday, leaving the house for work

the sky outside my office window...the clouds were shape shifters, constantly changing their shape with the blustery wind.

the blood mobile was on campus and this was my first attempt at donating, but the wait was over an hour long.

another picture of the sky, the clouds had all blown away at this point.

i do work at a beautiful place, and it's most apparent during this season, the brick and the autumn light seem to add to the scholarly feel of things.

the flagpole in the middle of the loop, you can tell by the way the flag furls that it was indeed a windy day.

lunch at my desk

my second attempt at giving blood, i was first in line after their afternoon break.

success! though i must admit it did hurt a bit more than usual.