24 September 2007

time flies

it's amazing how quickly the time seems to disappear. i know i'm not a faithful blogger, but it's crazy for me to look at my last post (from june!!) and see that i was announcing my trip to south africa. now, in two days from now, i will board a plane at sea-tac airport and make my way to cape town, south africa, via london, england. it is really hard to believe it's so near. in so many ways it seems so far off...so abstract. yet my reality will change in 48 short hours from now, in a land some 10,000 miles and a whole hemisphere away.

like i've said, i've needed a break, and to know that i will have the chance to get my hands dirty and serve, makes me light with anticipation. it will be a long journey, but i know it will be worth the distance.

thanks to all of you who are excited with me for this adventure. i hope that through this experience, i will be a person who is faithful to learn about what this coming month has to teach me, that i will be softened and molded into something that is reflective of who i long to become, and that i will grow in courage and boldness as i encounter and dive into things i've never done before.

i will try to update this lonely little blog while i'm away, but i am making no promises as i do not as yet know what my access to the internet will be.

as they say in south africa, stay well, my friends.